Thursday, September 17, 2009

TNT Sale 9/17/09

Go check out the awesomeness! See comments for all the awesome deals!
Mine is - 25% off all orders before midnight!
(just write TNT in the notes, and wait for your revised invoice!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Halloween Costumes -- DirtyBirdyVintage on Etsy

I was browsing around today, looking to see what new costumes I could find on etsy, and I came across a really fun shop. I first saw their work last week, when I posted their Whilamena Wonka costume, but I've discovered thats just the begining! They have bunches of really unique costumes, vintage, and diy. I'm really impressed, so I thought I would share some more of the awesomeness!!!

The Very Mad Hatter

Little Miss Muffitt

Countess Candyland
There are oodles more. If you wanna take a look just click HERE

Thursday, September 10, 2009

TNT sale 9/10/09


Check the comments or visit the TNT blog ( to see all of the awesome sales my DIY ladies are offering today!

mine is..

25% off everything until midnight!

Its Halloween time! (almost)

As soon as September rolls around each year, the first thing I think about is - ITS ALMOST HALLOWEEN! I think I know what I want to be this year, but that doesn't stop me from lookin around etsy to see what people are thinking up. I want to share a few really awesome ones I came across today....

CUTE custom Where THE WiLD ThingS ARE hoodie by XPoppysWickedGardenX

Amazing Willy Wonka, lady style "Whilamena Wonka" by dirtybirdyvintage

Autopsy T-shirt by nancygamon. I want one of these just for the hell of it! Bitchin!