Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adventures in rainbow cupcakes

My bunny-boo wanted some cupcakes, and asked if I would make him some... so I tried out that rainbow cake thing in cupcake form. It was messy... really messy... It went like this..
Mix up some white cake mix....
Take a scoop (I'm not really down with measuring) of cake goo in to several different cups, and add a different color of food coloring to each cup... Gel food coloring works the best.
Plop a lil bit of one color in a cupcake paper... then do the next color on top.. and so on..
Bake them according to the box instructions.. take them out and let them cool.
Look how pretty!
For frosting, I'm not really down with the super sweet canned stuff, so I mixed some cool-whip up with some instant vanilla pudding mix.. just the right amount of sweet. Frost um... and eat um.. YUMM!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wrong side of the bed.

It started off bad. No rhyme or reason, just woke up in a pissy mood. I don't feel ill. I dont have a headache. I just have an insane urge to kick the shit out of something that can't feel pain.
I hit snooze 4 times this morning. That should have tipped me off. Maybe its just lack of sleep. Maybe its the string of terribly annoying phone calls I'm getting at work today from people who sound like they still go to their mommies to do their laundry, so now every time this phone rings I cringe, and curse under my breath. Just when I think I've just talked to the dumbest person on the planet, the phone rings again, and I am forced to correct myself.
Some examples of crap I have to hear everyday but today seem much more cumbersome. You might need to know that I'm the secretary at a real estate company, answering phones, setting appointments, and dealing with random otherness.
"Are you guys on the left or right hand side?" arg.
"How much for the house thats for sale?" which one... "I dont know the street name.. they have a big yellow dog.."
"Whats your phone number" no. I'm not kidding.
All I know for sure is that I shouldn't be allowed around people today. The original plan for the day was to get home, clean muh house a lil bit, and sew up a pretty silver bikini... But I'm throwing that plan to the curb, and now, instead I'm going to get home, flop on my couch, watch Roseanne reruns, and curse the world. I'm really looking forward to it.

Monday, June 8, 2009


So this weekend was pretty amazing, and as always it sucks that its over. Got alot of stuff done, listed alot of new items in my shop, sewed some stuff, made a few new patterns. I'm having a blast dressing up my new mannequin! It feels like playing with a lifesized barbie. Went to the movies to see The Hangover with Kenny, Dylan and my parents yesterday. It wasn't a disappointment. Really funny. Mommy dyed my hair for me, but i think I left it on a lil bit to long cuz its closer to black then brown right now. Oh well, I dig it.
Arg, I've got allergies like crazy the past week or so. I never had them like this before! I never had them at all growing up! So not fair. My eyes have sand in them, I've got glass shards in my throat, and my head is in a constant state of POUNDING. Ick.
I'm in a book-rutt. After reading the Twilight series, which I expected to HATE, and MUCH to my suprise I LOVED, I'm having a hard time finding anything else good. I hate it when you just get off the high of reading a really good book, and then your shit out of luck, because for a good long while, nothing can measure up. So if anyone has any awesome book suggestions for me, PLEASE let me know!
In cake news, how awesome does THIS look???? I'm sooo going to make some cupcake versions of this lil recipie. (tutorial can be found here)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Here she is!

She came! OMG I LOVE her! I was waiting for the UPS guy like a crazy person, then when he gets here, he notes there is a HUGE hole in the box.. great.. but he had me open it and check it, and she's perfect! I love her! I'm so happy I'll no longer have to "model" haha!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So, my mannequin is going to get here today and I'm bouncing off the walls excited! I've got SOOOO much new stuff to put in my etsy shop, and I've just been waiting for her. I put a few movies on my zune last night, so hopefully that will help pass the work day for me today. My iron pills are making me sooo sick.. I should probably get a bucket to put by my desk. So, in honor of me being so hungry I could die, but scared to eat cuz I would totaly puke, todays theme is FOOD!!! Yummys!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've got another LONG work day ahead of me, so time to blog. I got ALOT of new stuff to add to my shop, but I'm just waiting on my beautiful mannequin to get here. I can't wait!!
Today corsety goodness caught my eye. So here is some yummy stuff I found.

1. WinterLights
2. foreverinblack
3. TheCircusNeverEnds
4. velvetmechanism
5. aNGrYGiRLGear
6. corneliacreations

Monday, June 1, 2009

First post! Today's Etsy faves!

I'm new to this blogging thing so please forgive me if I do anything dumb. In this blog I'll mostly be posting about my favorite finds online, mostly etsy. Fun stuff to look at. So, to start off, here are my favorites of the day! Todays theme is DIY CLOTHING... MY FAAAVE! If you like what you see, I've provided links below so you can visit these very talented Ladies shops. Enjoy!

1. Poppyswickedgarden
2. Smarmyclothes
3. Blackwidowdiy
4. DDGFashions
5. ErosDIY
6. lynnsrags