Friday, December 31, 2010

Forever and a Day

My Baby girl Wednesday,

You could make your grand entrance at anytime now. Will the time you decide to come out reflect on who you will be? Come a little too early, and maybe have an issue or two, but you just couldn't wait to see what the world has going on. Or come right on time, because you know everyone will be thrilled, and you wouldn't want to worry anyone. Or maybe even dig your heels in for an extended stay since you are so warm and comfy, and hearing all of us out here pacing the floors makes you giggle.

I know you have a plan in place. I've been learning about you for months. You're ticklish! When I want to feel you move, the pokes and rubs don't do it. But if I scratchy tickle you in my tummy, that always gets you moving! You really don't like the smell of fried chicken, yet Pine-sol smells so good to you that I have to restrain myself from drinking it.

You already play with your big sister. She likes to lay right on top of you in my belly and purrrrrr.... When you hear and feel her, you each take turns giving each other gentle pokes. Whenever I talk right to you, you give me sweet rolls all over my tummy. like a baby massage. When you hear your Daddy's voice, you keep super still, like you are trying to hear every word he says. ​

I've learned alot about you in the past months, and I can't wait to meet you. I'm anxious, scared, clueless, stressed, excited, and terrified about what comes next. You will be here soon... I'm certain, once I get to see your face, kiss your tiny hands, and hear your loud cry you have been saving up for months, all of the crazy obstacles we have been going through will melt away. I'd run through hell and back thousands of times if the end result was you. I can't wait to meet you Wednesday Elizabeth. I already love you so much. Forever and a day. ​