Friday, September 24, 2010

All done!... No wait......

You would think that making a baby registry would be easy. WRONG. I’m probably obsessing too much about what I’m putting on there. I have a habit of researching the hell out of stuff before buying it, which I don’t think is a bad habit to have, but it is making this process exhausting!

I was told to register at Target in addition to the one I did at Babies-R-Us, for the people who don’t have a Babies-R-Us near them, and aren’t a fan of online shopping. I did some research, and the stuff that I registered for a t BRU that was cheaper at Target, got switched. Then there was the process of going through all the checklists to make sure I have the essentials, most of which I hand no idea what they were a month ago.

I had to get all of this done ASAP so the invites can go out soon. Monday I thought I was done. Wrong! Wednesday, I find a bouncy seat that bounces all by itself! I know! Amazing right?! (Don’t worry, I know you probably don’t really care.) Anyways, again, I think I’m done… I hope.

Any-who, here they are! I’m totally open for suggestions… Unless your suggestion is for me to start over, in which case you can go to hell. <3

Target Registry

Babies-R-Us Registry

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